Windows 7 Development: Aero Effects in .NET Applications

28. February 2010 13:22

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With the launch of Windows Vista, Microsoft introduces brand new UI, eye-catching aero effects (glass effects) for their new Operating System. I have seen a lot of programmers who are much concerned about the looks of their applications. So this time with the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft provides the Windows 7 API Code Pack. The Windows 7 API Code Pack not only just allows incorporating the aero glass effect, but many other features which will let you to work more conveniently with Windows 7. I will cover more of the features of Windows 7 API in my later posts. So, I am starting with a first tutorial on how to enable aero effects for the applications running on Windows 7. Create a new windows form application in Visual Studio. Design the form as normally you do as per your requirements. Now to give your form aero glass effect, we first need to add reference for the Windows API. Windows API provides a class called “GlassForm” which we are going to use in this example. When you add a new form to your project you see the following line in your code window:

public partial class AeroForm : Form

When you execute the code you will see a normal windows form which is obviously not we wanted. Here the “GlassForm” class comes into play. As we know we have all are forms are partial class, we have to inherit it with Form class which in turn completes our form. Now instead of using Form class use the “GlassForm” and you will see the Aero Glass Effects on your form.

public partial class AeroForm : GlassForm

This is how you normal Windows form looks like:

And your Aero form look like this:

Download: (790.00 kb)

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Windows 7 API Development and Training Kit

15. January 2010 12:21

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I recently installed Windows 7® Ultimate on my machine and found it more soothing and reliable in terms of preformance than Windows Vista® Ultimate. As a tech enthusiast, I do some serach on the internet and found two links from Microsoft website that will allow developers to develop applications specifically for Windows 7. The Windows API code pack allows developers to develop those features which are not available with .NET Framework. So to get started visit:

  1. Windows® Code Pack API for Windows 7 & Windows Vista

  2. Windows Training Kit

The training kit includes the demos and presentations, hand-on labs for developers. I haven't yet started with Windows 7 development. But as soon as I get started I will blog some demo for Windows 7.

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Windows Live: SkyDrive application

5. December 2009 17:16

API Microsoft Utils 

We all know about Windows Live® SkyDrive® and definitely all the user would like to have a tool which would help them in organizing and managing their folders. But unfortunately I am unable to find any tool which helps us to deal in this. And as usual if you want to develop something or need an API just jump to Codeplex. Download the SkyDrive API from here (Codeplex) or from the below. But hey! I got another application with me, exactly can't remember where I got this from but really appreciate Scott's (author of this app) effort for this. It seems to be just a protoype, as it only allows you to view and download the files. Download the application and give a try and don't forget to download the SkyDrive® API also.

Download SkyDrive (419.12 kb)

SkyDrive® API from (72.50 kb)

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