Printing word documents without showing Print Dialog

29. May 2009 15:09


Just one Click! and documents queued to the printer. The code will provide you the full flexiblity to set the default printer and also to set other word document settings. I used the code to convert the word document to PDF using Adobe PDF printer driver, as I was unable to get the code to convert the word files to PDF using DLLs.Cool


Download the code and don't forget to look at the comments.


Download: (645.83 kb)

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Populating, Restore and Backup SQL Database using C#

27. May 2009 15:01


You want to add a functionality in your C# application to allow user to select the database to restore and taking backups of the database. C# provides the classes to allow a programmer to achieve this in the application.


Before you go and implement this feature in your application, make sure you have added the references of the following namespaces:

1.) Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo

2.) Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo


Click the below link to download the full application


Download: (290.99 kb)


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Convert Numbers to Words in C#

24. May 2009 13:18

C# Code Snippets 

Use the below code to convert numbers to words and currency to word programatically (Check the code below). Instead you can create a DLL and use it or whatever the way you likeWink

Download the full Code from the below Link:



Download Link:

Num2Wrd.cs (8.30 kb)


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