Insert binary files to SQL server using BULK operation

11. July 2009 18:15

T-SQL  Comments

Performing BULK operations with SQL can be useful when you are trying to insert any type of file. Don't mess up with the complex code, just use a simple SQL query to insert any file type in SQL table. 

To perform this operation first you need to have a column with datatype as varbinary(max). See below example:

Create a table with an ID and Data as columns with INT and VARBINARY(MAX) as their Datatypes respectively.

Create table tblData
FileId int,
FileData varbinary(max)

Perform INSERT to Save a file. Here just change the location of the file you want to insert

Insert into tblData
(FileId, FileData)
SELECT 1, BulkColumn
FROM OPENROWSET(BULK N'D:\Software\siw.exe', SINGLE_BLOB) AS Document

Display table data after INSERT

Select * from tblData
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