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29. January 2010 21:27

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While adding images to the post for illustration purposes, most of the time the resolution of the image is quite bigger then the presentable area. So I decided to install the lightbox extension and therefore I searched all over the net found many lightbx extensions for Blog Engine, but they are not like the one I wanted to have for my blog. So after a bit workaround and after studying different extensions I got it working.

Here check this example.

Installation of the extension: Download the extension from the download link below and follow the below steps to get the extension working.

  1. Place the CSS and JS folder in the root of your BlogEngine setup.
  2. Place AddLightBox.cs and LightBox.cs under Extensions folder (App_Code\Extensions).

The main LightBox extension was taken from (site down). A small problem was then reported by MrWize for which he provide the solution by writing another extension AddLightBox.cs. If you want to know more then read here.

The files for this extensions are presented as it is as I have found on the net. I have just assembled them from the net and make it worked for my blog.

Download: (45.30 kb)

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