MP3 Informer - Get Lyrics, Album Art, Artist Image, Album Name and Release Date

15. May 2010 01:13

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I am a huge music fan, so huge that I need headphone while I work on my machine and if I don't have them in my head I can't work.Cool It's not the case with me but most of the people do the same thing. But sometimes the things get worsts when people with their headphones on start singing.Laughing Ok they sing only when they know the lyrics and if they won't they search for them and then sing along. It's not the case with me but for the folks who wants to search lyrics for their songs collection, I have created this small tool which will help them to get lyrics, get album name, album art, release date and artist image. Just enter artist name and song name and let this tool get the details for you. I have consumed lyricWIKI, Last.FM and LyricFly web service to get the details.

This tool is build on .NET Framework 3.5. So in order to use this tool you must have .NET 3.5 Framework installed on your machine.

Download: MP3 Informer.msi (655.00 kb)


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