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6. March 2011 10:58

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Building applications with ASP.NET MVC 3 and that too with RAZOR is easy. I believe most of the programmers out there found MVC 3 with RAZOR view engine found it easy. The best things I found in the new RAZOR view engine is the code is pretty much tidy no traditional code behinds and moreover you can work with the server-side code with the start of the @ symbol.
What is a Helper Class?
I am not going to copy and paste the definition from somewhere but I want to write my own thoughts on the helper class. Maybe this is not the best definition but this is how I would like to describe the Helper Class.
A class that minimize the effort incurred in the design, implementation of functionality on your application is called a helper class.
One of the best things that Microsoft incorporated in the framework is the use of the helper classes. Although this is not a new concept, previously also all the programmers are working on their own to create helper classes for the work they are doing to minimize the effort and time spend in writing the same lines of code again and again. Microsoft Web Helpers provides some of the best helper classes that can be used in almost every web application.
How to get Microsoft Web Helpers
To use Microsoft Web Helpers in your project use the below NuGet command:
If you are using Web Matrix then you can start using the helper class right away, but if you have created the application from Visual Studio then you still need the Web Matrix reference in you project. You can add the Web Matrix reference from C:\Program Files\Microsoft ASP.NET\ASP.NET Web Pages\v1.0\Assemblies. Once installed, you can now use it for majority of the complex tasks with ease and in less time. Some of the major use of this helper class is listed below:
Using Web Helpers
Gravatar: To show the gravatar on your web page use the Gravatar class Gethtml() and pass e-mail address as a parameter. If the e-mail id provided, has no Gravatar then the default Garavatar image will be displayed. To get the Gravatar with default Gravatar image:
You can also have your own default image to replace the default Gravatar image. To show your own default image use the defaultImage: attribute
@Gravatar.GetHtml("", defaultImage: "")
Twitter: Twitter helper class can be used to show your tweets using the Profile method. This will display the same widget that you can get for youself from the Twitter website. Moreover you can also change the apperance of the widget. To display your tweets you can use your twitter profile name as a parameter in the Profile method.
You can also search Twitter and display all the reactions. If I have to search about Windows Phone 7 then I will use the keyword #WP7.
For Twitter follow button:
Tweet Button: The tweet button will help you to tweet your website or blog content. But this time we will use the TwitterGoodies class TweetButton
@TwitterGoodies.TweetButton(TwitterGoodies.DataCount.Horizontal, "This is RAZOR Tweet", "", TwitterGoodies.Languages.English,"prashantmx")
You can set the align of tweet counts either vertically or horizontally or none. I have set it to horizontal.
Google / Yahoo Analytics: Insert tracking code in your website directly
Same can be done for Yahoo. Just use GetYahooHtml instead of GetGoogleHtml
Facebook: Facebook integration is now much easier. To get the like button use:
To show the latest activity feed use the ActivityFeed method. I am going to see the latest activity from Microsoft
Microsoft Bing Search: If you want to have a search then the best option is to use Microsoft Bing (Because It's Not Google). There are two Bing search boxes that you can use, but the most popular is the Bing Advanced Search Box. Below are the two ways to use the Bing Search box
Normal Search Box
    Bing.SiteTitle = "Midnight Programmer";
    Bing.SiteUrl = "";

Advanced Search Box
The same code will be used to show the advanced search box, just use the AdvancedSearchBox method instead of SearchBox as done previously
    Bing.SiteTitle = "Midnight Programmer";
    Bing.SiteUrl = "";

The main advantage of using the advanced search box for Bing is that it will let you search the whole website/blog without taking you to the Bing site and display the search content in the small container with two tabs showing the search result from the website/blog and the other one from the web.
Note: Bing team at Microsoft announced that they will be shutting down siteowner service on April 4th. This will prevent you to use the AdvancedSearchBox feature of Bing on your website/blog or web applications. Here is the quote from Bing's official blog:
As of April 4th, 2011 we will discontinue support for the functionality. If you continue to leverage the feature after this date (April 4th, 2011), users who attempt to query in the search box will be redirected to a 404 page. This means that you will need to move to the Bing API in order to continue to receive web or site search results from us. We have decided to take this step for two reasons.
First, the tool has not been getting a lot of use and while we have some very loyal customers on it, we believe we can provide you better alternatives in the future as we free up resources.
Second, the functionality available through can be replicated with the Bing search API and so it feels a bit redundant.
As has become customary, we will give you a window to migrate off and ask us any questions you may have about this change. We will also provide reminders as we get closer to April 4th. Thank you so much for your support.
So this is it. These are some of the helper classes in action that I have described in this post. There are lot of others and I hope that there would be other helper classes would be added in the later releases of Microsoft helper classes for web. You can read more here on web helpers from the below official Mirosoft resources.

Download: (1.13 mb)

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mashhood mashhood
3/8/2011 2:36:37 PM #

Looks like a complete package to can do all you want to do with it...

Robert Ferentz Robert Ferentz
3/8/2011 11:11:28 PM #

Do we need to have WebMatrix actually installed for this to work? What WebMatrix reference do I need to add? There doesn't seem to be anything relevant other than what NuGet already installs.

Prashant Prashant
3/9/2011 12:35:47 AM #

If you have WebMatrix installed then it will have the two required DLLs i.e. WebMatrix.Data and WebMatrix.WebData in C:\Program Files\Microsoft ASP.NET\ASP.NET Web Pages\v1.0\Assemblies folder. Once you add the references you can then use the nuget to get the ASP.NET web helper and start using the helper classes as i have shown in my post.

amal amal
3/16/2011 10:48:19 AM #

HI Prashant, Great work ...those explanations are really helpful. Could you please explain how to use fileuploader for multiple files. i did for single file, but having problem for multiple files.. this is my code.. //action method public ActionResult Upload(ProfileViewModel model) { var image = WebImage.GetImageFromRequest(); if (image != null) { WebImage thumbimage = image; var filename = Path.GetFileName(image.FileName); if (image.Width > 600) { image.Resize(500, ((500 * image.Height) / image.Width)); } if (thumbimage.Width > 50) { thumbimage.Resize(50, ((50 * image.Height) / image.Width)); } image.Save(Path.Combine("~/Content/uploads", filename)); thumbimage.Save(Path.Combine("~/Content/uploads", "thumb" + filename)); filename = Path.Combine("~/Content/images/uploads", filename); model.ImageUrl = Url.Content(filename); } return View(model); } //this is .cshtml file @using (Html.BeginForm("Upload", "Admin", FormMethod.Post, new { @encType = "multipart/form-data" })) { @Html.DisplayFor(x => x.ImageUrl)<br/> @FileUpload.GetHtml(initialNumberOfFiles:1, allowMoreFilesToBeAdded: true, includeFormTag: false, addText: "Add Files", uploadText: "Upload File")<br /> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="upload" /> }

prashant prashant
3/16/2011 12:10:33 PM #

Thanks Amal! But I have a simple way of uploading multiple files and that too without the [b]POSTBACK[/b]. Use jQuery plugin called Uploadify. I have a blog post to use that with ASP.NET web forms (read more here: and download the sample project), but I am working on the post which shows how to use this plugin with RAZOR. But for you, here is the code: On the index.cshtml page or whatever the page you have: <script type="text/javascript"> $(window).load( function () { $("#fileuploader").fileUpload({ 'uploader': '/Scripts/uploader.swf', 'cancelImg': '/Images/cancel.png', 'buttonText': 'Select Image', 'script': 'Home/Upload', 'folder': '/uploads', 'fileDesc': 'Image Files', 'fileExt': '*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.gif;*.png', 'multi': true, 'auto': true }); } ); </script> <div id="fileuploader"></div> I believe that you have added a reference of the jquery uploadify plugin on the master page or on the page you are using. Below is the code on your HomeController.cs file. It is just a method which will upload the files to the specified location. In my case it is upload folder. public string Upload(HttpPostedFileBase fileData) { var fileName = this.Server.MapPath("~/uploads/" + System.IO.Path.GetFileName(fileData.FileName)); fileData.SaveAs(fileName); return "ok"; } I will be writing in more details in my next post (today). This is it....and I hope this will help you.

arun arun
5/27/2011 3:44:42 PM #

Hi Prashant, A very good post and blog Am a new bird to .Net web development and I started using webmatrix for learning web dev. I have webmatrix but am not sure how to use the above gravatars, bing, facebook widgets to my site. Can you please explain a little more for me. arun.

prashant prashant
5/28/2011 10:56:34 AM #

Thanks Arun! To use the gravatars, bing, facebook and twitter widgets on your site you need to use the helper classes provided by Microsoft. I assume you are aware of NuGet and using it. To get started use the above NuGet command: install-package microsoft-web-helpers This will install the web helper class and you will be able to use the above functions as I have used. Let me know if you if you able to work with it or not. [b]NOTE: I have also uploaded the source code above for you to use it.[/b]

Mohammad Mohammad
11/24/2011 2:49:58 PM #

Excellent article, very nice!

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