Insert binary files to SQL server using BULK operation

Performing BULK operations with SQL can be useful when you are trying to insert any type of file. Don’t mess up with the complex code, just use a simple SQL query to insert any file type in SQL table.

To perform this operation first you need to have a column with datatype as varbinary(max). See below example:

Create a table with an ID and Data as columns with INT and VARBINARY(MAX) as their Datatypes respectively.

Create table tblData
FileId int,
FileData varbinary(max)

Perform INSERT to Save a file. Here just change the location of the file you want to insert.

Insert into tblData
(FileId, FileData)
SELECT 1, BulkColumn
FROM OPENROWSET(BULK N'D:\Software\siw.exe', SINGLE_BLOB) AS Document

Display table data after INSERT

Select * from tblData
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