Windows 7: Create Jumplists In WPF Application Without Using Windows 7 API Code Pack

I wrote a blog post on how you can add a custom Jumplist on your Windows form application for Windows 7 platform using the Windows 7 API Code Pack, but that is for Windows Form applications running on Windows 7.

WPF makes Jumplists more simpler. You need not to add any API reference or any other reference in your project. You can just make the use of Jumplists for better navigation for your users.

If you are using WPF then, there is a simple way to add Jumplists. I will show how you can have a pre-defined jumplists for your application. The main part of the application in which we have to focus is App.xaml. All work related to jumplist will be done here. For instance use the below code to add calculator to the jumplist.

        <JumpList ShowFrequentCategory="True" ShowRecentCategory="True">
            <JumpTask Title="Calculator"
                      Description="Open Calculator"

You know why there is Title and Description. The ApplicationPath will have the fully qualified name of the application path or just the name of the programs that can be executed with their name. IconResourcePath will have a fully qualified path of the icon. If your application have an icon embedded in the application, then you can just set the application exe path or name else you can have a fully qualified path of the icon file.

To add a new Jumplist, add a new tag with the above mentioned tags and for every Jumplist item you need to do the same.

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