MP3APP - A Web Application To Get Lyrics, Album Name, Album Art and More

Devbuzz Image I was busy in few of my freelance projects and got a very rough weekends this whole month. But still I get a bit of time to work on my so called in-house project and somehow I was able to get it completed after a bit of testing. The application I built is a simple web application which will allow you to enter artist name and the song name and let you search the lyrics, album art, artist image, album name and album release date. I hope this application help few people out there.

Now, something about the internals and history of the application. I created a windows application 2 years back and thought of porting the same application for the web. For the, web I used ASP.NET MVC 3 with jQuery but the internals of the application remains the same as it was for my windows app. To fetch the lyrics I use LyrDB and WikiLyrics web services and for album art, album name, artist image etc. I used Last.FM web service. I package the whole stuff and what I got is the application which I was running since 2 years on my machine and now the same application is out for you, use it and suggest me something new if you anything in your minds.

I am not yet finished with this application and you’ll see more in coming days.

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