New Blogging Engine!

I like Wordpress but not as much as I like BlogEngine.NET. I have to move to Wordpress because of a very serious issue in BlogEngine.NET. I am on a shared hosting and they are very peculiar about the memory/CPU usage of a site. So, The problem I faced was that if I use SQL Server CE as your data store than it will increase the disk usage time which in turn shuts down my site application pool and cause 503 service unavailable error. This was very annoying and to keep up my blog up and running I have to suddenly switch to Wordpress before I can figure out the exact cause of this problem.

I still have no issue with Wordpress, but I can’t enhance it the way I can do it with BlogEngine.NET because it’s in PHP. I decided to switch to BlogEngine once but then I thought it would be good to write a simple blog engine from scratch. So I fired up Visual Studio and start a new MVC web project. I worked on previous versions of MVC and I was aware of things which can be done more quickly than the traditional way. Writing a blog engine from scratch was a great way of learning a new technology. I am very much familiar with MVC so I opted to try some new stuff this time.

There is a lot of work pending but user facing part of my blog is completely ready by the end of this week or may be earlier than that. I want to thank K. Scott Allen for his valuable tips for creating a custom blog engine.

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