Convert ASCII values from hex to characters May 30, 2009 C#   CODE SNIPPETS

This C# code takes in a list of ASCII values (hexadecimal) and shows the actual characters behind, thus converting hex values to strings.

// An object storing the hex value
string HexValue = "4765656B7065646961";
// An object storing the string value
string StrValue = "";
// While there's still something to convert in the hex string
while (HexValue.Length > 0)
    // Use ToChar() to convert each ASCII value (two hex digits) to the actual character
    StrValue += Convert.ToChar(Convert.ToUInt32(HexValue.Substring(0, 2), 16)).ToString();
    // Remove from the hex object the converted value
    HexValue = HexValue.Substring(2, HexValue.Length - 2);
// Show the converted value
Printing word documents without showing Print Dialog May 29, 2009 C#

Just one Click! and documents queued to the printer. The code will provide you the full flexiblity to set the default printer and also to set other word document settings. I used the code to convert the word document to PDF using Adobe PDF printer driver, as I was unable to get the code to convert the word files to PDF using DLLs.Cool

Download the code and don’t forget to look at the comments.

Download: (645.83 kb)

Populating, Restore and Backup SQL Database using C# May 27, 2009 C#

You want to add a functionality in your C# application to allow user to select the database to restore and taking backups of the database. C# provides the classes to allow a programmer to achieve this in the application.

Before you go and implement this feature in your application, make sure you have added the references of the following namespaces:

  1. Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo
  2. Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo

Click the below link to download the full application.

Download: (290.99 kb)

Import CSV File Into SQL Server Using Bulk Insert May 25, 2009 T-SQL

You have large data to import to SQL Server, and you have all the data in a CSV File (Comma Seperated Value file). Are you going to map the field one by one?

OR just use a small function od SQL to import everything in the table. But before you proceed with this you need to map each column of CSV with the one with your table column. Look at the below quick example on how to use the BULK INSERT to import CSV file data into SQL Server.

Step 1: Create a CSV file.

CSV file to bulk insert

Step 2: Create a table and map the fields accordingly: (Check below screenshot)

Here is the CODE:

FROM 'c:\TestData.csv'  -- Full path of the CSV file
FIELDTERMINATOR = ',', --CSV field delimiter
ROWTERMINATOR = '\n'   --Use to shift the control to next row

SQL bulk insert ouput

Convert Numbers to Words in C# May 24, 2009 C#   CODE SNIPPETS

Use the below code to convert numbers to words and currency to word programatically (Check the code below). Instead you can create a DLL and use it or whatever the way you like.


Number to word conversion

Download: Num2Wrd.cs (8.30 kb)