Calling ASP.NET Web Service Using Jquery - Part III - Fetch Data From SQL Server

My previous two posts on using Jquery for calling ASP.NET web service takes you to the basics of calling a web service using Jquery AJAX. In this last post of the series I will show hot to fetch data from the SQL Server through a web service.

In this example I am going to show on how we can fetch data from SQL Server. I am using pretty well known Adventure Works database for this example. I am using Person.Contact table for this example. I will show on how to fetch data i.e. first name, last name and e-mail address on the basis of the ContactID. So first, as usual create a normal ASP.NET project and add the required files. Create a new web service, I have named my web service “AdvService.asmx”. You can name your web service as you like. This time we are fetching data from the SQL Server by passing a parameter to the web service method. I am using the very same, basic way of fetching record from the SQL Server. You can also use LINQ here to fetch data.

I have used a delay of few seconds to how the animation, rest in the code is self explanatory. Just passing a parameter and fetching the details of the person from the Adventure Works database.Below are the screenshots for the sample application.

AJAX call in ASP.NET app via JQuery AJAX call in ASP.NET app via JQuery

Download: (97.86 kb)

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