Upload Multiple Files With jQuery 'Uploadify'

I have found many web developers seeking for help to upload a file in AJAX style, I am not a web developer but among the list of people who used to search the web for some control, way or a workaround to do this. I found a .NET control to do this, but like all good controls….it wasn’t free. But the control worth it.

But now we have an excellent open source plugin called Uploadify. I have been using it for sometime and thought I should now blog and spread a word about it. To implement in your ASP.NET project is simple. Download the latest version of Uploadify from its official site here.

Take a look at the downloaded files. Actually, I need NOT to explain it again to you because the download itself has a PDF file which makes it really simple to understand the working and usage of the plugin. If you need to take a look how this plug-in works, then the best place to look at the demo page at the uploadify page here.

I also compiled a small apllication with ASP.NET to see it in action with ASP.NET

NOTE: The code below I have uploaded is not written by me, I have just compiled a bunch of files under one hood to get it working.

Download: JqueryUploadify.zip (229.05 kb)

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